This learning resource has been developed for health care assistants (HCAs) working in all health care settings who are new to this role. It may also be useful for people considering employment as an HCA and employers who wish to use it to support staff as part of their wider induction programme.

The resource aims to provide HCAs with an awareness of the principles that support safe, effective, care and work practices in all health care settings.

This learning area was developed by:

  • Tanis Hand Professional Lead for HCAs and APs
  • Writer – Alex Mathieson BA (Hons)
  • Instructional Designer – John Heseltine BA (Hons)


Thanks to the following people for their 2015 review of the materials in this resource:

  • Lorraine Hicking Woodison Assistant Practitioner, HCA/AP adviser for GP Practices (Kent and Medway)
  • Maive Coley Clinical Support Worker
  • Karen Dutton – RGN, BSc (Hons) – Work Based Education Facilitator – University Hospital of South Manchester
  • Rose Gallagher RCN Nurse Advisor Infection Prevention and Control
  • Clare Jacobs RCN Employment Relations Adviser
  • Dolores McCormick RCN Senior Professional Development Officer
  • Linzi McIlroy RCN Senior Professional Development Officer
  • Gill Coverdale Professional lead for Education (Standards and Professional Development)
  • Amanda Cheesley Professional Lead for Lonf term conditions and End of Life Care Nursing
  • Wendy Irwin Diversity and Equalities coordinator
  • Val Bailey Welsh Union Learning Fund Project Manager
  • Allan Wallace HCSW Development Officer
  • Annie Norman Professional Lead for Criminal Justice and Learning Disabilities
  • Ian Hulatt Professional Lead for Mental Health Nursing
  • Dawne Garrett Professional Lead Care of Older People
  • Rachel Thompson Professional & Practice Development Lead for Admiral Nursing

Development/Review Dates

First published: February 2011

Revised and redesigned: February 2013

Reviewed: February 2014

Revised and redesigned: April 2015