Risk assessment

Doing a risk assessment is about identifying the risks and hazards in your workplace that might cause harm to patient/clients, visitors and staff. It is the law that employers have to carry out risk assessments of their workplaces, but as an employee, you too have a responsibility to constantly be on the lookout for hazards and take action to remedy them.

A risk assessment in your workplace might involve the following:

  • walking round the environment taking note of the hazards you see
  • deciding who is most at risk from these hazards
  • evaluating the risks from the hazards, with decisions being made on whether current safety policies and procedures are adequate
  • identifying ways of removing the hazards
  • preparing a report on the findings.

That sounds like a very formal set of steps, but you can develop a less-formal risk assessment ‘mindset’. As you go about your work, think about ‘RISKS’:

  • Regularly look for hazards
  • Identify those most at risk
  • See whether your current policies are protective enough
  • Keep your area hazard-free
  • Share your findings with your manager.